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Restructuring, Critical; Study, Relevance; Sustainable Development.


Nigeria has been recording unsustainable development due to poor leadership and governance. As such, the living condition of the citizenry has been harsh and brutish. This has resulted to political instability, agitation, militancy, insurgency, terrorism and economic recession, which has compounded the existence of the citizenry and threatens national unity. Against this backdrop, some stakeholders have proposed restructuring as an axiological panacea to Nigerian poor leadership and governance. This paper therefore studies the Nigerian questions and the indispensability of socio-political and economic restructuring in Nigerian administrative performance. It as well studies the philosophical foundation, import and implication of restructuring as a fervent answer to Nigerian questions. The study finds that socio-political and economic restructuring in Nigeria will bring diversification and growth of the economy, optimal performance in governance and enhance sustainable development. The study therefore concludes that restructuring will give diverse cultural nations in Nigeria a sense of belonging, full participation in governance, and will as well answer the diverse socio-political, economic and technological questions burdening Nigerian society.

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