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Veneration, Ancestors, Ontology, Communalism, Edo, Tradition.


While highlighting the import of Enikaro (Ancestors) as enshrined in the religious life of the Edo people and the attendant effect on solidarity and kinship ties in the family and community life; this essay attempts to draw some connections between the act of veneration of ancestors and the robust communal spirit enshrined in African Socialism.  Employing the critical analytic approach, the paper observed that this ancestral veneration could rightly be called the true religion of the Edo people, given its prevalence. However the almost extirpation of this robust tradition in contemporary family communities of the Edo Nation is having its toll on the moral values that are characteristically African, especially the sense of communalism. From the analysis, part of the reason why there is deficit in our value system, especially the sense of solidarity among kinsmen, was attributed to the almost disappearance of this practice that acted as a veritable vehicle for uniting the entire extended family and society. It recommended for some points of regeneration and integration in contemporary African life in order to achieve the sense of oneness that has almost disappeared from their existential reality.

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