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Political Development
Political development in Nigeria
Election Malpractice
Leadership Crisis


Politics understood as governance is crucial to the smooth ordering of any society. This smooth ordering is a pre-requisite for development. Political development is premised on the mode and manner in which politics is practiced. Politics because it is the art of governance, and governance is not just supervisory but most importantly an engineering mechanism through which institutions, policies, processes, procedures, structures and systems are constituted for the proper ordering of social life. The place of politics in development cannot therefore be over-emphasized.

In this paper, “Society and the Need for Political Development,” I argue that politics should be re-structured and re-constructed using the indices outlined in this paper,  leadership, election related matters, politics as people-driven, checking greed, solid psychological base, national interest, eschewing ethnicity, accommodating criticisms, tackling insecurity, gainful employment, job creation, true federalism, rotational presidency, regionalization etc. so as to re-strengthen the institutions of development in the society. The paper uses the philosophical method of critical analysis to discuss the practice of politics in Nigeria and the way forward.

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