About the Journal

Sapientia as an academic journal publishes original and novel philosophical articles across a wide variety of themes as it bothers on real live existential concerns with a view to advancing solutions for a better humanity and society. The above notwithstanding, the journal also accommodates other articles with similar concerns from other disciplines.

In line with the present-day practice globally, the journal is now ONLINE beginning with this edition. Consequently, it will no longer be published biannually but quarterly. You may wish to visit our web site at: www.sapientiajournaluniuyo.com for access and further information on Sapientia.

As we celebrate the repackaging of this great journal, permit me to specifically use this opportunity and thank our past and present contributors for their concerns and interest in Sapientia. If you have missed this edition, you can still send your article(s) in preparation for the June Edition that is already loading.

Thank you very much, dear members, of the Editorial Board, for your sedulous trade-offs and commitment that have continued to be a propelling force in this scholarship.
Once again, thank you and welcome to Sapientia: Journal of Philosophy.


Assoc. Prof Idorenyin F. Esikot
0706 537 9343