Artificial Intelligence, Naturalized Epistemology and their Nexus in Cognitive Psychology


Artificial intelligence
Naturalized Epistemology
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Science


The central thesis of this research is that Artificial Intelligence and Naturalized Epistemology share a nexus in Cognitive Psychology. Put in other words, Cognitive Psychology is the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Naturalized Epistemology. In this study, the researcher shall demonstrate how artificial intelligence is related to Psychology and how psychology is related to Epistemology.  AI is related to psychology and psychology is related to epistemology in Quine’s naturalized epistemology. Let us suppose that “A” is Artificial Intelligence, “B” is Psychology, and that “C” is Naturalized Epistemology. B, that is, Psychology, is the intersection of A (Artificial Intelligence) and C (Naturalized Epistemology). The aim of this study is to demonstrate the epistemological link between artificial intelligence and naturalized epistemology.