Towards a Fuller Realization of the Nigerian National Ethics
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Dignity of Labour
Social Justice
Religious Tolerance
Self-reliance and Patriotism


Ethics is important for the welfare and wellbeing of every society. Without ethics society will crumble down as there will be no norms to guide the life of people. Nigeria recognizing the important role of ethics has created many ethical renewal programmes in the past such as War against Indiscipline, Ethical Revolution, and Change Begins with Me, etc. In spite of all these programmes there is still much unethical conducts in the land such as corruption, indiscipline, selfishness, bad leadership, and so forth. This paper reveals that unethical behaviours and lack of practice of the national ethics is driven by such factors as individualism and selfishness, inept and bad leadership, tribalism and ethnicism, intolerance and religious fanaticism. Through a critical hermeneutic and analytic method the paper argues that the national ethics is important and should be observed. The paper concludes that if the national ethics is observed it will help to build a happy and more harmonious society.

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