Science of the Paranormal: An Analysis of Man’s Immanent Energy
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Energy and Pseudo-Scientific


The paranormal (as against the normal or natural) is a phenomenon in the realm of the unseen that borders on energies or forces that appears to have overwhelmed our rational mind and tends to transcend current empirical apparatus. The question that arises on this branch of knowledge is: do we have a scientific base to buttress our claim to what we term as paranormal activities? If yes by advocates of the possibility of these phenomena. What are the convincing evidence for the anti-paranormal advocates who discard it as nonsensical and pseudo scientific? We shall be analytic in approach. The purpose of this article is to draw a melting point among these advocates and to clarify that there are inherent energy in nature and immanent in reality which can be harnessed by man. It further proposes that this branch of knowledge is an emerging paradigm explicating the science of the future.