The Place of Traditional Ethical Values in Curbing Corruption and Enhancing of Democratic Principles in Nigeria
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Traditional Ethical Values
Governance and Democratic Principles in Nigeria


This paper “The Place of Traditional Ethical Values in Curbing Corruption and the Enhancement of Democratic Principles in Nigeria”, argues against the prevailing rate of moral decadence, corruption, bad governance and elite's misrule as witnessed in the nation. The work seeks to contribute towards achieving sustainable democratic principles in Nigeria. It presents how Traditional African values can help in curbing the menace. The work is expository and analytical in nature. It argues that African traditional values such as: sense of community, sense of good relations, sense of sacredness of life, sense of hospitality and their characteristic features such as; communalism, humanism, anthropocentrism, to mention but a few, if genuinely promoted can enhance democratic principles such as freedom, equality, justice, fraternity, respect for life, tolerance, and inclusiveness; Which in turn can curb or reduce to the barest minimum the high rate of corruption witnessed in the nation, Nigeria.