Sustaining the Faith and Mission of Christianity in the Face of Terrorism in Nigeria
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Terrorism and Nigeria


This work sustaining the faith and mission of Christianity in the face of terrorism in Nigeria, invites us to reflect on the need to rethink on the best measures needed to preserve this faith handed over to us by the missionaries that has lingered for decades. Faith is the basis for our gathering, believe and following the foot step of Jesus Christ as Christians. The fear that Christianity may seize to exist in Nigeria if terrorism persist should worry every right-thinking Nigerian. Considering the impact of Christianity in Nigeria, it should be an institution that should be protected and preserved. Since the rise of terrorism, the country has not remained the same. The study used theological, biblical and ethnographical methods to understand the context and how much terrorism has affected the Christian faith and mission in Nigeria and how we can respond to this attack using the apostolic models in Acts of the Apostles. The study revealed that Christianity has been under attack by different kinds of terrorist ranging from herdsmen, bandits and kidnappers who attacked innocent people especially those living in the rural areas with sophisticated weapons, leaving many dead including pastors and church members even on worship days such as Sundays. This study will therefore, hopefully, contribute towards the enlightenment of the Christians faith.