A Critical Evaluation of Violations of Political Language and Its Effects on Nigeria’s Socio-Political and Economic Developments
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Development and Nigeria


Language, politics and the society are interwoven such that the sociolinguistic interconnectedness between language and the society remains germane to the socio-political and economic development of any nation. Because of their inseparability, the need for proper use of language by politicians become expedient and imperative. In lieu of this, this essay critically investigates the continuous violations and abuses of language by the Nigerian politicians. Essentially, the yearning toward correcting the continuous distortions of political grammar in Nigeria becomes a necessity especially in a critical moment like this in the history of Nigerian politics; where the country is witnessing a near truncation, collapsing and disintegration due to politicians deliberate used of language that disintegrates, rather than unite us. Theseviolationsandabusesnodoubt, signal and by extension negatively affect the socio-economic development of the country. The essay argues that the continuous violations and abuses of language in Nigeria, especially among the political gladiators across the various geo-political zones, no doubt, are inimical to the desired for political peace, unity, progress, and economic development of the country. Hence, this essay, therefore, philosophically, calls for caution among politicians. While it advices politicians and Nigerians at large, to desist from using such language which only aims at truncating the unity of the country, it however, calls for proper application of political language among politicians in order to unite the country for a better and improved socio-political and economic experience. This essay was undertaken by adopting the critical method of analysis.