A Philosophical Reflection on the Nigerian Society in the Light of Nietzsche’s Ethics
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This paper is a philosophical reflection on the Nigerian society within the purview of Nietzsche's ethics. The dominant denominators of the social imbalances prevalent in Nigeria today are corruption, poverty and insecurity as all other social vices are traceable to them. These social problems are enforced by a foundational moral consciousness that passes moral judgment on the basis of the social stratification between the rich and the poor, as well as the rulers and the ruled. This has distorted the existence of a functional, peaceful and tranquil social order that defines an ideal society. In view of this, this paper examines the Nigerian social realities within the context of Nietzsche's conception of the slave and master morality. This will be an attempt to philosophically analyze the foundation and rationale of the chronic social imbalance that defines the contemporary Nigerian society. On the basis of this, this paper suggests possible ways to deal with these ugly social experiences in the Nigerian society.