African Philosophy and the Relevance of Narrative Knowledge to Human Development
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African Philosophy
Narrative Knowledge
Human Development


There is a notable desire that philosophy in general and contextually African philosophy should focus more on human development. Necessary as this desire is, this work contends that most African philosophers, however, see human development only from the economic, scientific and technological aspects; and seem to bracket narrative knowledge as insignificant to such development. I argue that if Africa must have holistic development, then narrative knowledge should be seen as a very important epistemic category towards human development. The methodology is somewhat ethnographic but as a philosophy work it combines the expository, analytic and hermeneutical approaches. I posit a thesis that narratives could impact positively on the development of the cognitive and moral capabilities of the individuals which couldn't turn impact on social wellbeing. I expose the nature of narrative knowledge, and human nature. I briefly explore the trajectory of African philosophy and the quest for human development; and consequently, Iadumbrate the pertinence of narrative knowledge toward human development.